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Create Project

A simple way to create and manage your project.

The project сan be created, deleted, edited, with its status also subject to change.

Create Tasks

Set task, fill in Work Log and leave necessary comments!

Search Tasks

Find it fast! Use sorting filters by users, projects and statuses.


Check out all notifications on each task and project.

You will be notified regarding any changes in tasks; changes in the documentation; employee assignments & dismissals on the project.

Project Tasks

Control your time! Check Work log for a current week.

Work Log

Control your time! Check Work log for a current week.


You can add new paragraph or subparagraph in an online text editor and it will automatically appear in 'Contents'.


The list of employees in a particular project. You can assign or dismiss your employees.

Only an assigned one can view the project and work on it.


Your project is full of tasks? Find the right one by its title.


Report on time spent by employees on tasks per month in any chosen period.